Guns GirlZ


In the city of Nagazora, a cataclysm begins… The Honkai has chosen its destined attorney. And humanity? Humanity faces the bells of death.


Kiana Kaslana would rather that not be the case. With baseball bats, pistols, chainsaws, and anything she can get her hands on, she will tear through the boundaries of fate.


Guns GirlZ is a 2d side scrolling brawler game with visual novel elements. With a heavy story focus and lots of great art and music. And plenty of 2012 indie game jank.


Guns GirlZ does not have an official Global version. If you wish to play this game, you will have to play in Japanese or Chinese instead. However, the dedicated community is working to make playing this game as easy as possible for English speakers, and we are translating the storyline piece by piece through a visual novelisation called Operation Gekkou.


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