Story Guide GGZ

Since there is no official release in English, experiencing GGZ’s story can be difficult. The community is constantly expanding on ways to experience the story.

Operation Gekkou

Operation Gekkou is the effort to turn the story of GGZ into a Visual Novel with refurbished English translations. It is intended to make the story more accessible to the English speaking audience, as well as improve upon the text and translations. Additionally, it is meant to encourage players to support the game by playing through the game’s stages on the Japanese servers.

What is the Story Guide?

The GGZ Story Guide is intended to help you easily and comfortably experience the story of GGZ. We will working with old official translations, fan translations and fan adaptations, with the intent of making reading as comfortable as possible.

You can skip or delay manga and visual novels if you want,
but reading them will enhance the experience by a lot,
and they contain story elements essential to the plot.

Will the Story Guide change?

As new content comes out, and new fan translations and adaptations are created, we will continue expanding this guide accordingly.
There is a lot of content for GGZ, and it is being produced faster than we can process it. Because of this, you can expect there to always be something being worked on

Why are certain manga or events not added to the guide’s story order?

The Story Guide is tailored towards players experiencing the story through the Operation Gekkou support app, which provides a retranslated version of the story. As such, we plan to include the manga or certain events when the app catches up to the relevant point in the story.

Alternate tools for exploring the story

Online Cutscene Interpreter

This version takes the dialogue from the game, and lets you read it in a scrolling format. It will be missing some of the minimanga cutscenes, but it is under development. You can swap between languages. Allowing google to autotranslate the Chinese or Japanese might net you a better translation than the Global English version. The site is a very useful tool for hobbyist translators looking to localise parts of the story.