Ways to Play

Story Mode

If you don’t speak Japanese or Chinese, there’s unfortunately no official version of the app you can read the story in. There are however, some alternatives.

If you wish to experience the story of GGZ, we heavily advise using Operation Gekkou and the Story Guide we made.

Machine Translation

If you plan to play the game, you may run into situations where you get certain items, but you don’t know what they do. Well you’re in luck. Machine translators have come a long way. Though far from perfect, they should provide accurate enough explanations to help you along. And if those prove insufficient, feel free to ask the players on The Next World server your questions. More translators may be added as we learn about more of them.

Image Translators

These translators will let you feed them screenshots. For most of GGZ, this is honestly sufficient, as you’ll only need to translate some menus and some item descriptions. For more complicated tutorials and systems, there will be out of game documentation, and for story we have man made translations.

Sometimes, MTLs will fail you. We will aim to improve menu documentation, as well as add more MTLs so that if one fails, another may pick up the slack.

Screen Translators

These translators will watch your screen and detect translatable language on tap. They can be useful, but they can also be a hassle to set up. For most purposes an image translator will suffice, but some people find screen translators more convenient. (For hobbyist translators, screen translators are really useful)

Note: This service will not work for everyone on all devices. I for one could NOT get U Dictionary to work. Other players on the Hoyostans server had no issues with it.

Notably, Qooapp and Bluestacks have their own built in translators.
Qooapp requires a subscription fee to use the translator.

Installing JP Version

Google Play

This is the official version on the JP app store in Google Play. Not available in some countries.
In order to play, simply install the app and you’re set to go.


Qooapp helps people access games that are region locked in their country. In order to use this, you must first install Qooapp on your device through their website.


Taptap helps people access games that are region locked in their country. In order to use this, you must first install Taptap on your device through their website.

Installing CN Version


Playing through Bilibili is perhaps the greatest challenge yet. In order to play this version of the game, you need to have a verified account on Bilibili, and jump through a couple of hoops. I only recommend doing this if you’re truly dedicated.


GGZ is a mobile only game. It can however be played on pc through an emulator. Warning: You computer needs to have virtualisation enabled in order to run these emulators properly.


The go to emulator for most people, Bluestacks has a good reputation as a mobile emulator and is capable of running GGZ.

MuMu App Player

A viable alternative to Bluestacks, known for its somewhat sleeker design. Runs better on some devices.

Other Resources

For other resources, we have various links put up on the main page for GGZ. The Wiki managed by Max is probably the most important recommendation for those wanting to learn about some of the basic game systems, like character’s stigmata, or menu navigation.