1.5 Phase 1

Phase 1

Act 1

The immediate threats of Project Stigma and the Cocoon of Finality have been averted.

But once again, trouble is afoot.

Part 1.5 Trailer


If you haven’t watched it already, you can watch the trailer for this part now.


Note: This is a trailer for the next story arc. Arc trailers do not necessarily represent the events within that arc. They are merely for flavour.


Hot Sands Escapade
(JP version)
St Freya Homecoming trailer
(JP version)

Valkyrie Quicksand

Behind the Scenes

Meow Town Escapade


This was a time limited event, so we’re including a playlist of fan footage to watch it.

Get ready for the Meow Town tour! In addition to the charming sceneries and multitude of lazy cats, it’s an ideal location for specialized training~

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