Genshin Story Guide

A recommended reading order for Genshin Impact

Welcome to the Genshin Impact Story Guide! This is a guide tailored to the new player experience, but it also contains many pieces of content older players may have missed.

Main Story

Teyvat Chapter


This storyline is divided based on the region of its major Archon Quests.

Important Info and Common Questions

Genshin Impact is a story heavy game with events, videos and other out-of-game materials. This guide will be designed with the intent of helping the player know when to check out certain media and what order is comfortable for the story. It is not a gameplay guide.

When new content comes out, or missing content is found, it will be added into the guide. We try to stay up to date as well as we can, but it may sometimes be behind several updates due to time constraints.


For the most part, you don’t. The game is designed with new players in mind, and the story is tailored to people with no foreknowledge. Still, playing Honkai Impact 3rd’s story will likely enhance your experience. Genshin Impact takes place in the same shared Universe and has several nods, easter eggs and shared themes with HI3.

Due to the sheer amount of content we will have to cover, all hands are welcome. If you join our Discord, you can help us arrange quests and other info in our document so we can use that info for this guide.