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Managing Hoyostans takes a lot of time and effort. It’s a fun thing to do, but a little bit of an extra push is much appreciated.

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Here are some ways to help us along:

Support Mister Spaceman

Hi, I’m the guy who manages the website. A large portion of the Hoyostans project is done by me, including things like building the story guide, programming and translating Operation Gekkou, designing the webpages and collecting links and information regarding the games.

I am an independent multimedia artist (wow, that’s a mouthful) If I do well with my other work, I have extra time to spend on Hoyostans. If you like the website, and appreciate the effort that goes into it, I would be delighted if you chose to support me or my work. Have a great day!

Join our Discord

Join the Hoyostans Discord. You can choose to observe or to actively take part in the discussion.

On the Discord, we discuss lore, community projects, translations, upgrades to the Hoyostans website, and the Beta version of Operation Gekkou (the GGZ Visual Novelisation)

The wonderful members of the Hoyostans discord have helped this project along in numerous ways.

Support Potato Almanac

Potato Almanac is a Youtuber!

Potato has helped with the website’s early stages a bunch, by providing feedback and design knowledge, and restructuring the front page.

Go give the Youtube channel some big thumbs ups!

Support Other Projects!

Hoyostans’ core activity is linking to *other* existing projects. These are handled independently from Hoyostans

Stuff like management of the wikis, translation of the Honkai Impact 3rd VNs or the Manga, uploading footage etc. Most of it is done by independent creators and fans, and you can support their projects by going through the channels they’ve provided.

So go out and share some love!