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Hoyostans is a completely fan made platform with the intent of providing a hub for everything related to miHoYo and its communities. Its main purpose is not the production of content, but gathering together relevant links and supporting various projects within the community, such as fan translations and lost content preservation.

Hoyostans has no direct affiliation to miHoYo or its representatives. It is merely a fan project.

If you like what you see and would like to help Hoyostans, we invite you to join our Discord server. You can choose to observe or to actively take part in the discussion.

If you find any of these on the website:
– Dead links
– Leaks
– Unethical statements or behavior
– Uncredited work
– Other reportworthy issues
Please let us know, so we can address the problem. If you have suggestions for content or links that could be added, also feel free to share.

A distinction:
Leaks: Content that was not made publicly available in any official capacity
Lost Content: Content that is no longer publicly available in any official capacity
Alien Content: Content that was officially made publicly available in another region, but not this one.

Hoyostans does not intend to include Leaks. Hoyostans does support the preservation of Lost Content and the localisation of Alien Content by fans.



Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.1

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 2.1: Added Content: – Added chapter 8 and chapter s6. The chapters were merged due to the odd chronology. – Added Bronya’s character art and 2014 art to the Archive – Added Honkai World Diva, version 2 to songs – Added new CG to the Archive – Miscellaneous fixes…

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.0

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 2.0: – Removed web browser version due to compatibility issues. (The web version is non-functional in browsers. Older versions of the app also stopped working) Added Content: – Added chapter 6 and chapter 7 – Added Bronya to the Archive – Added Angel of Sin to songs – Added new CG…

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.3

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 1.3: Added Content: – Added limited sound effects (gunshots, machine beeping and lightning) and mild visual changes to existing chapters – Overhauled music selection system – Added the songs Honkai World Diva and Savior of Light to the music collection. – Added multiple new CG to the art collection…


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