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This is a timeline of miHoYo’s activities since their inception. Since some projects have multiple names, they will be referred to by multiple names throughout this timeline. This timeline contains a lot of information, but is still missing information. We will update this timeline with time and as more information is revealed. Please enjoy this insight into miHoYo’s history!

2011, September 28


A group of students develops a small game. This is the first appearance of Kiana Kaslana.

2012, February 13


miHoYo is founded as a company by Cai Haoyu, Liu Wei, and Luo Yuhao

2012, December 14

Bēng huài

Other titles: Houkai Gakuen, Zombiegal Kawaii

The first game published since miHoYo was founded. The second appearance of Kiana. Does not really feature a story.

2012, December

Angel Investment

miHoYo received an angel investment of 1 million yuan. On a business scale, this is not a huge amount, but it was enough to give a boost. It counted for a small portion of shares. miHoYo has not accepted investments since.



miHoYo starts publishing a 4-koma. It is illustrated by Domotolain. She would also provide art for the game. The comic is in a traditional Japanese 4-panel format. It features Kiana and her misadventures in the zombie infested school.

2014, March 28

Bēng huài 2

Other titles: Houkai Gakuen 2, Guns GirlZ

An online single player game reusing the assets of Houkai Gakuen, and adding more production value and a story.


Sakura World Boss

Yae Sakura is added to the game as a World Boss

2014, August

Bronya Zaychik

Bronya Zaychik is added to Benghuai 2 as a boss and later as the third playable character.

During Bronya’s chapter is also the first time Cocolia is in the story, though we don’t get to see her.


Art Rework

The playable characters are given a new art overhaul.

Kiana Kaslana

Raiden Mei

Bronya Zaychik

2014, November 10

Halloween Special Manga

miHoYo releases a manga special focusing on Bronya. It’s the first time we get to see Cocolia.

2014, December 19

Three Year Sakura Manga

miHoYo releases a manga special focusing on Kiana. (Warning: dark sexual content)

2014, December 23


miHoYo teases the event Otherworld, which will introduce us to the new mysterious K.K. He is Kevin Kaslana, an alternate universe version of Kiana and the antagonist of the story.

15, February 14

EX: Sakura Arc

miHoYo’s first multichapter manga starts publishing. It focuses on the plot of Yae Sakura and Kallen Kaslana. The EX series of manga was intended to focus on fleshing out the world and characters of Benghuai 2. Notably, the plot of Sakura Arc seems to contradict the World Boss story it was based on.

2015, March

Murata Himeko

Murata Himeko is added to Benghuai 2 as a boss.

2015, February 18

EX: New Years Special

A short special featuring Kiana, Bronya, Mei, Himeko and Da Wei.

2015, May 9

EX: Sakura Arc Special

A short special featuring Kiana, Bronya, Mei, Himeko and Da Wei.

2015, June 13

EX: Sakura Arc ends, Bēng huài 3 Manga announced

miHoYo publishes the final chapter of Sakura Arc and brings the EX series to a close. They announce a new manga series is coming called Benghuai 3, with the title referring to the Third Impact. They do not specify what kind of story it will be, nor why they dropped the use of the EX title.

2015, June 20

Bēng huài 3 manga prologue: Kiana Attack

The prologue of the Houkai 3rd manga releases. The prologue references events to come in the story. It features Kiana and Himeko, and introduces the character Wendy. She is not mentioned by name.

2015, June 30

Seele Vollerei

Seele Vollerei is added to the story of Benghuai 2

2015, July 3

Bēng huài 3 manga starts

The story of the new manga begins. Bēng huài 3 (aka Houkai 3rd) reintroduces Kiana, Mei, Bronya and Himeko, as well as the Honkai beasts conceptualised before in the Prologue. The events of the story are not consistent with the game’s content, leading fans to speculate about what exactly Benghuai 3 is supposed to be,

2015, July 24

Bēng huài 3 manga special

miHoYo releases a manga special explaining the new design for Raiden Mei’s Herrscher form, as well as treating events from the Sakura EX manga as a part of Benghuai 3 canon.

2015, July 29

Sakura EX commemorative PV

miHoYo special video with images from Sakura EX with the song Double Cherry Blossom.

2015, July 31

Bēng huài 3 introduces Theresa

miHoYo releases a manga special explaining the new design for Raiden Mei’s Herrscher form, as well as treating events from the Sakura EX manga as a part of Benghuai 3 canon.

2015, August 31

Kevin Light Novel

miHoYo publishes the Kevin Light Novel which further expands upon the concepts of the multiverse, introducing a reality system which would later be built upon in both Beng Huai storylines. It also features Honkai Beasts.

2015, September 11

Bēng huài 3 closes its first arc with chapter 6

The story closes its first arc, Escape from Nagazora, with the characters enrolling in St Freya Academy.

2015, September 25

2015, September 25 – Bēng huài 3 side story: Steamy Hot Springs

Based on an older mini light novel for Benhuai 2, Benghuai 3 releases a side story. It has 29 pages.

2015, October 9

Bēng huài 3 Popularity Contest

There’s a special contest specifically for the characters featured in the Benghuai 3 manga. It includes: Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei, Bronya Zaychik, Murata Himeko, Theresa Apokalypse, the Adjutant (name not specified), the members of parliament (grouped together), Herrscher of Thunder, Yae Sakura, Siegfriend Kaslana, Wendy and “Middle-Aged Handsome Guy who got hit in the Kidney”.

Note: Wendy is not mentioned by name, instead called ‘Pocky Girl’. The extra information confirms the events of the prologue happen in New Zealand.

They also decide to include the Honkai Beasts Mimir and Grendal, Himeko’s Power Armour, and the USB Flashdrive that Himeko stored in her cleavage.

2015, October

Murata Himeko playable in Bēng huài 2

Murata Himeko is given a playable version in Benghuai 2


Theresa joins the story of Bēng huài 2

Theresa is added to the game using a cutout from Benghuai 3’s 5th manga chapter.

2015, October 16

Bēng huài 3 opens its second arc with chapter 7

The story opens the second arc, Sakura Remembrance, which will focus more on Kallen and Sakura. It directly references and follows up on the Sakura EX continuity.

Its first chapter introduces Fu Hua and Welt Yang for the first time.

2015, October 30

Bēng huài 2 Official Manga Website is up

miHoYo publishes a new website with the manga and light novels, including Benghuai 3.

2015, November 27

Himouto Bronya-chan

miHoYo releases a bonus chapter for Benghuai 3. It counts 14 pages

2015, December 11

Otto Apocalypse

Otto Apocalypse is finally given a face, and introduced through the Benghuai 3 manga.

2016, February 5

Bēng huài 3 closes the Sakura Remembrance Arc

The story closes its second arc with chapter 14

2016, February 12

New Year Special

miHoYo releases a bonus chapter for Benghuai 3. It counts 21 pages, and gives a larger role to Fu Hua.

2016, February

Theresa is added as a boss sporting her new design in Bēng huài 2

2016, March 4

Mystery of Stigmata

miHoYo releases the new arc starting with chapter 15. It gives Fu Hua a larger role and introduces the plot of her mysterious identity and lack of memories. It also explains more about Stigmata and Himeko’s time limit. It also sets up the basis for the Welt clones. Additionally, it features the first appearance of Seele in this continuity.

2016, March 28

Theresa is revealed to become the next playable character in Bēng huài 2

2016, April 8

Sin Mal

Sin Mal has her debut in chapter 17 of the Benghuai 3 manga, during the Mystery of Stigmata arc.

2016, August

Bēng huài 2 has a collab with Danganronpa

2016, October 14

Bēng huài 3 (Game)

Other titles: Houkai 3rd, Honkai Impact 3rd

An online single player game continuing the story of the Benghuai 3 manga.

2016, October

Bēng huài 2 adds Sin Mal as a boss

2016, December

Bēng huài 3 Wendy

Honkai Impact 3rd reveals Wendy as the boss of Chapter 3 of the game. Set in New Zealand, the chapter tells the story the prologue of the manga was referring to. (Though the brief action scene from the manga doesn’t have a neat spot to fit into the chapter)

2017, February 16

Bēng huài 2 wraps up its first storyline

The first storyline of Benghuai 2 is wrapped up. miHoYo promptly kills off the entire cast.

2017, March

Bēng huài 2 begins the Reborn arc

The new Reborn storyline begins, and the previous one is called Chapter of Memories (Retrospective)

2017, September

Bēng huài 3 has a collab with KFC

2017, September 30

Reburn animation

miHoYo publishes its first big hybrid animation on Bilibili.

2017, November 16

Girls Frontline Collab

A two way special crossover event takes place with Girls Frontline, featuring the cast of Benghuai 2. (Cast unique to Reborn does not appear)

2018, January 25

Name changes for Chinese

miHoYo releases a statement that henceforth, certain character names will be changed. This is to avoid the characters having names of Chinese cultural significance. Servers and content outside of CN remain unaffected, and it was not universally applied.

(translation by Kiet)

2018, August 3


miHoYo publishes the manga for Genshin Impact, starting with the prologue chapter. The chapter features a reimagined Wendy (written with different Hanzi, same sound) and mentions the name Murata. Wendy would later be translated to Venti in certain languages.

2018, December

Fu Hua is added to Bēng huài 2

Fu Hua becomes a playable character in Benghuai 2. She becomes integrated into the story as a part of the recurring cast of Benghuai 2.

Multiple skins and gears are added to the game based on content from Benghuai 3. Though the event trailers do not use the name, this is generally regarded as the first ‘HOUKAI CROSS’ event.

2019, June

Yuánshén Game Announced

miHoYo announces Genshin Impact at E3, and publishes a trailer.

The description on Bilibili reads

“The sustainer is dying, and the creator has not yet come.
But the world will not burn again, for you will ascend to the throne of “God”.”

The description on Youtube reads

“Get ready for wondrous adventures in a whole new world! Proudly presented by miHoYo — Genshin Impact — an open-world action game, is officially revealed!”

2019, August

Wendy joins Bēng huài 2

Wendy becomes a boss and story character in Benghuai 2 as the Herrscher of Wind. She does not become a playable character.

2019, December

HOUKAI Cross, Rita is added to Bēng huài 2

Rita becomes a playable character in Benghuai 2. She becomes integrated into the story as a part of the recurring cast of Benghuai 2.

Multiple skins and gears are added to the game based on content from Benghuai 3. This is advertised as a HOUKAI Cross event.

2020, July 30

Tears of Themis

2020, August 4


miHoYo publishes a special wallpaper software featuring the virtual character Lumi, as well as still and motion wallpapers for miHoYo’s games. The software is made for PC.

2020, September 28


Other titles: Genshin Impact

2020, December 1

N0vaDesktop Android

miHoYo publishes a version of the N0vaDesktop app for Android devices.


miHoYo turns down Tencent

Tencent offered miHoYo an investment, but miHoYo turned it down.

2021, February


miHoYo confirms an income of 5 billion yuan over the past year, and President Cai Haoyu shares information about miHoYo’s goals.

Plans are underway for a virtual world that could house 1 billion people.

2021, March

Global Bunny Girl Controversy part 1

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Global server for Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo releases an exclusive animation featuring the main cast in bunny girl outfits dancing to a song from Myth&Roid.

Players on the Chinese server are upset that they did not get the event. (Anniversary event content is usually shared with other servers through festival events)

A storm of controversy begins, resulting in miHoYo being reported, as well as flooding on feedback channels and death threats. The message of ‘We want this too’ developed into ‘miHoYo is being inappropriate’.

The level of conflict reached a point where it was believed corporate meddling was involved, and a rival like Tencent may have stirred the conflict. However, no conclusive evidence was found.

2021, March 28

Bēng huài 2 celebrates its 7th anniversary

2021, April 22

Global Bunny Girl Controversy part 2

After receiving pushback, flooded feedback channels and death threats, miHoYo decides to remove the Bunny Girl video from the official Honkai Impact youtube channel, as well as cancel any of the related events. No content was stripped from the game.

Yae Sakura’s anniversary stigmata has its art changed.

2021, April 24

Assassination attempt

A man was apprehended at the site of miHoYo’s company location. The man planned to stab the founders with a knife due to frustration regarding the Bunny Girl controversy, claiming the overseas marketing stunt was inappropriate.

2021, July 12

“Flamescion Public Welfare Project”

miHoYo enters a project with China Youth Development Foundation to work together on new education programs. This includes donating a new school building.

2021, August 8

English server shutdown announcement

miHoYo announces it will shut down Benghuai 2’s global and SEA servers. Both English language servers will cease operations on October 11.

2021, September


miHoYo manages to negotiate a deal with Tencent that will let miHoYo publish Genshin Impact on Tencent’s app store MyApp for a reduced commission price, giving 30% to the platform rather than 70%, as miHoYo wanted it to be more consistent with Western app store platforms.

2021, September 28

Genshin Anniversary debacle

Genshin Impact has its anniversary. A part of the playerbase wants more anniversary rewards, and decides to spam the official channels with an emote of Qiqi called ‘Qiqi Fallen’

Additionally, they decide to review bomb Genshin Impact on multiple platforms. This then spills over to review bombing other miHoYo apps. And eventually spills over to review bombing unrelated apps such as Clash of Clans and Google Classroom.

During the ensuing week, miHoYo sends in-game emails to the players with additional rewards that had not been announced on the stream. It is not confirmed whether or not this was planned.

A part of the rewards are the glider and furniture that had been planned as a shop bundle reward to accompany the live portion of the planned special concert. The concert was postponed indefinitely due to concerns regarding the global coVid-19 epidemic.

2021, October 5

Starfire Sonorant Concert

Benghuai 3 holds a special celebratory concert. Due to the global Covid pandemix, the concert cannot be held in front of a live audience. It is instead livestreamed in a concert hall filled with special lamps in the audience stands to create visual effects.

2021, October 5

Bēng huài: Xīng Qióng Tiě Dào announcement trailer and concept animation

At the end of the concert, miHoYo reveals a new trailer and animation for their latest upcoming title. A turn based game that spins off from Benghuai 3.

2021, October 11

English server shutdown

Benghuai 2’s Global and SEA servers shut down.

2021, November 7

English server open again

Players discover Benghuai 2’s Global server is open again. Though service has not continued and the shop and gacha do not work, a portion of players can still access their accounts.

2021, November 23

English server closed again

The Global server of Benghuai 2 closes again. No explanation was given for why it was temporarily available.

2022, January 4

Outfit Changes

To avoid trouble with guidelines, miHoYo announces the change of four characters’ outfits in Genshin Impact. The change is non-optional for players on Chinese servers due to concerns about the guidelines. On global servers, the change is non-optional for story content, but the original outfits are kept available. The changes are implemented over the course of multiple patches.

2022, February 13


miHoYo establishes the global brand HoYoverse which will be used for overseas operations, and expand miHoYo’s involvement in localisation and globalisation.

2022, February 15

Winter Memories

To celebrate the winter olympics, miHoYo releases a special animation featuring the characters of Benghuai 3.

2022, February

Nuclear Fusion

miHoYo invests 400 million yuan into Energy Singularity, supporting the development of nuclear fusion as a potentially more effective alternative to nuclear fission.

2022, March 9

Bēng huài 2 opens version 9.0

Benghuai 2 enters its 9.0 version, starting the final season of the Reborn storyline.

2022, March 18

JP server rolls forward to version 9.0

2022, March 25

Bēng huài 2 has a Madoka Magica collab

The event does not feature story content.

2022, March 28

Bēng huài 2 celebrates its 8th anniversary

2022, April 21

Domotolain, the artist for the Benghuai 4-koma, passes away.


??? – Bēng huài: Xīng Qióng Tiě Dào

Other titles: Honkai: Star Rail