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The Galaxy awaits. Are you ready for an adventure spanning the Honkai Universe?

The Moon's Origin and Finality

Honkai Impact 3rd

Blue ‘Somewhere Else’ blocks are completely optional to peruse. This is regarding content from other games that may give you some extra context in the story. Please keep in mind that these blue blocks can have spoilers for those games, so if you wish to play them, you should not read the blue blocks.

Honkai Impact 3rd is another miHoYo game that started its story with a manga in 2015. Alongside Houkai Gakuen 2, it established the broader Honkai Universe.


HI3 has direct connections to Honkai: Star Rail, but Star Rail is written with new players in mind.


Part 1: The Moon’s Origin and Finality ran from 2015 to 2023. The Global version released its finale on the same day as Honkai: Star Rail’s first livestream.


Playing through it is optional. If you do choose to play through it, it is highly recommended to use the Honkai Impact 3rd Story Guide to do so. You can play it alongside Star Rail.


If you don’t choose to play it, you may find the other snippets we will be sharing in this guide to be useful.


If you do choose to play it, then ignore the other HI3 snippets, as they may contain spoilers.

The Honkai. A force that has plagued humanity for ages. When humanity grows, so does the Honkai. And eventually, cataclysm consumes the world. Against it stand the Valkyries, valiant warriors with special powers. Women of hope and strength.

Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik, three students of St Freya Academy, are about to undergo their Valkyrie exams. But unbeknownst to them, they’re about to be swept up in a saga that spans generations.

Reburn 2


Reburn 2 is an animation that was released immediately before the reveal trailer of Honkai: Star Rail after a Honkai Impact 3rd concert. 

It is unknown whether its content is meant to be an actual part of the story, or whether it really is just a flavour piece similar to the first Reburn video, which teased Honkai Impact 3rd, but is not part of its story.

Space Comedy


Trailers contain minor spoilers. They tease the future after all. Sometimes, we’ll link the trailer AFTER the content, because the spoilers are perhaps a bit too big.
Whether you watch the trailers is up to you. They can wet your appetite, but make for a less ‘blind’ experience. You can also come back and watch them after you’ve played trough the content.

Version X
"Your" Choice trailer
Version Y
Reveal trailer
"To You Who Will Soon Depart" trailer
"Witness" trailer

Space Comedy


Golden blocks will typically represent ‘bonus content’. These are worth experiencing, but are typically not a part of the story.

Version X
Space Comedy

Chapter 0

Trailblaze Mission

Introduction to the world and characters. Played in the game.


This chapter will start as soon as you enter the game. 

Adventure Missions

Adventure missions can usually be done at your own pace. However, here we’ll include a list of the missions you are recommended to play at this point in the story. You can use it as a guideline for missions you might have missed, or for what to do next.


Click the toggle for more info on where to find the mission.


Universe Lore

Star Rail takes place in the ‘Honkai Universe’. This is a Universe consisting of many worlds. It is rarely ever described by a reliable narrator. Instead, we mostly learn about it through the perspectives of the characters in it. And those characters typically have a very limited understanding of how the Universe works.

Due to the vast nature of the lore, it has become common for certain translation issues to occur. One such issue is that the words for ‘Universe’, ‘World’, ‘Galaxy’, ‘Milky Way’, ‘Star System’, ‘Sea of Stars’ etc. often get mixed up. This may cause some confusion going forward.


For now, the most important one to be aware of is that ‘worlds’ is often mistaken for ‘universes’. This issue is consistent in HI3, so if you read the blue blocks or play the game, you can keep it in mind.

Alien Space

Honkai Impact 3rd (Manga)

This one gives a little bit more context regarding the history of Welt Yang and his connection to Himeko

If you decided not to play HI3, you can get some extra context from following these blue blocks. If you decided to play HI3, it’s better to skip these to avoid spoilers.

After the tumultuous events in St Fontaine, Void Archives told Welt Yang to join him on a mission only he could help with.


Even knowing he might never see his wife and son again, he accepted the deal.


Now, he finds himself on a ship of the Sky People who invaded Earth, and he’s about to be struck with a reminder of events from two decades ago.

Familiar Faces

Welt is a character who came into the story directly from Honkai Impact 3rd. He’s the successor of Welt Joyce as the Herrscher of Reason. Sovereign of Anti-Entropy, hero of humanity, anime enthusiast… Welt Yang has had a tumultuous history.


When his father Elias and his hero Welt died, Joachim Nokianvirtanen inherited the name ‘Welt’ from Joyce, and he started using his mother’s surname ‘Yang’.


Eventually, he adopted a son Joey, a clone of Joyce, and got married (allegedly to Frederica Nikola Tesla).


Yet even when he chose to settle down, the call of duty still came for him.

In the worlds of Honkai Impact 3rd and Houkai Gakuen, we find a rehead called Murata Himeko.


In Honkai Impact 3rd, she took up the duties of a Valkyrie after her father’s mysterious death, not knowing her college professor Welt Yang had been involved in his passing.


Eventually she would make the ultimate sacrifice for a student of her own. When Welt saw her face on a screen, he was confused. But it wasn’t her he saw. It was Star Rail’s Himeko.

A version of Kafka is also present in Honkai Impact 3rd. But she doesn’t have much of a story. She just ‘exists’

The ‘Silver Wolf of the Urals’ is the title Bronya Zaychik earned as an assassin. Both her Honkai Impact 3rd and Houkai Gakuen 2 versions have this honour.


However, personalitywise Star Rail’s Silver Wolf has more in common with the Captainverse’s ‘Bronie’, a rogue hacker who lost her identity as the daughter of Alexandra Zaychik.

Act 1


Azure Waters

Honkai Impact 3rd (Manga)

This is a short manga that explores the backstory of HI3’s Bronya Zaychik and Seele Vollerei.

The version on the main website is missing some pages, and has one page in the wrong language. It’s advised to read the Webtoon version instead. It has 11 chapters (including chapter 0). If you want to read more HI3 manga, do not continue on the Webtoon version.

The Silver Wolf of the Urals, an assassin known for her ruthless and effective killings at a young age. When Bronya Zaychik is tasked with killing ‘The Demoness’ Cocolia, her life takes a different turn than she had expected. 

Character Trailers

March 7th

Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Trailblaze Mission


Slices of Life Before the Furnace

Companion Missions


Adventure Missions

Adventure missions can usually be done at your own pace. However, here we’ll include a list of the missions you are recommended to play at this point in the story. You can use it as a guideline for missions you might have missed, or for what to do next.


Click the toggle for more info on where to find the mission.