Player General Tips

These are some general tips for new players. They aren’t a complete guide to everything the game has to offer. Just some must-knows and some useful tips. More tips may be added in the future.


Before Playing

On what platforms is the game available?

The game is available on mobile (Android and IOS), and on pc. There are two clients for pc: The direct Honkai Impact 3rd client and the Steam client. The Steam client does not allow for cross play. The normal client has cross play with mobile.

Starter Tips

Listen to AI-chan and don’t skip tutorials.

I see a lot of players skipping tutorials and then being very confused. Don’t skip the tutorials. For a lot of core mechanics, the game puts forth a lot of effort to explain how things work. If you skip those parts, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Where can I find the game settings?

During gameplay, you can find settings in the pause menu. When in the main menu, you can find settings on the little phone in the bottom right.

Should I reroll?

Probably not. You can if you want. There’s no inherent disadvantage, it’s just really tedious.

Don’t play Elysian Realm before chapter 25.

It unlocks at level 50. I highly recommend NOT playing it yet until you’ve reached the appropriate point in the story. More on this in Game Modes.

Always use the exp boosters.

From various sources, you will be receiving Captain EXP Chips, which boost your EXP gain. These are essential in catching up and getting past level requirements quicker.


Dorm Supply Banner

The Dorm Supply Banner is the standard banner of the game. Nothing leaves the dorm banner. Some items are added over time, but not everything can be gained from this banner. Although it requires less crystals per pull, its pool limitations and less forgiving pity rules make it a poor investment. You will also be given free dorm cards quite often. Only the first 25 pulls could be worth spending on, since they can give you your first S rank cheaper, but if you are patient, you will hit that pity with your free cards eventually. It’s a toss up. Dorm supply gives a strong boost for starters, but is ultimately not the most efficient use of your crystals.

Read banner info.

Each banner has an info screen with a lot of information on it. This includes the current items on the banner, and the rules by which items are granted. Banners abide by different pity systems. Make sure you understand them before pulling. It will save you a lot of currency.


Use your move set

Each character has a different move set. For some characters, this becomes pretty complicated pretty quickly. (Looking at you, Fu Hua). Using move sets efficiently drastically increases your performance in battle.

Pay attention to QTE’s and QTE requirements

One of the most important aspects of the combat system is the use of QTE’s. They provide some of the most useful effects in the game, and are essential in increasing your performance. Build a team in which the battlesuits satisfy the conditions to trigger one another’s QTE’s.

Game Modes


I cannot stress this enough. Elysian Realm unlocks LONG before it is recommended to play Elysian Realm. Its story takes place AFTER chapter 25, which is pretty deep into the game. The most valuable recurring rewards (through weekly challenges) are only achievable to players who have properly geared their characters. The rewards you’ll miss out on are negligible compared to the spoiler sandwich you’ll receive. Skipping through the story and reading it later is not an advisable option. Elysian Realm uses a special structure to feed you short dialogues and journals. You will not be able to identify the order in which you should’ve gotten them, and reading it out of order in post will massively take away from the story’s effectiveness.

Navigating the Menu

If you’re having trouble navigating the menu, this video can help you. You don’t have to watch the whole thing. There are time stamps for the different topics.