Spoiler light character profiles. I tried to keep them spoiler light, so if you’re curious about the characters, you’re safer reading about them here than on the wiki.

Note: If you plan to play Honkai Impact 3rd, it’s best to go in blind. Read at your own risk.

Playable Characters

Kiana Kaslana

She’s going to be the bestest Valkyrie, and nothing will stop her! Except for exams maybe…

Gluttonous and self centered, Kiana is not exactly the modest or proper type. Raised by the legendary Siegfried, there was no way she could be.

Of course, daddy dear had to disappear off somewhere, so now she’s going to have to find him and give him a proper scolding.

A lecherous girl with a heart of gold and a sharp tongue, Kiana isn’t going to take any threat lying down, and if you dare touch her beloved Mei-senpai, get ready for a smackdown.

Trained in the art of Kaslana Gun-kata, you might wonder why she doesn’t just use the guns to shoot people. The answer is simple: Because if she did that, then she wouldn’t be able to also kick them in the face with a giant floating mechanical cat paw.

Raiden Mei

The recipient of all of Kiana’s affection, this seemingly innocent girl from Nagazora is far from harmless.

A stalwart warrior adept with the blade, there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her beloved Kiana.

Carrier of the Gem of Conquest, Mei is not alone in her body. She shares it with the destructive Herrscher of Thunder, who has no qualms with taking the lives of others.

Best not push Mei too far to the edge. If she decides to use the Herrscher’s powers, prepare to face the Wrath of Baal.

Also a warrior in the kitchen, Mei has no problems keeping everyone’s stomach full. Though if it weren’t for Kiana, she might have never taken up the craft of cooking to begin with.

Bronya Zaychik

Born in the Siberian tundra in the year of its destruction, Bronya grew up an orphan in a world of anarchy.

Trained from a young age in all sorts of weapons, Bronya is one of the most dangerous fighters you will meet. Give her a knife, and she will take down an entire enemy base.

A peculiar incident cost her both the ability to experience higher grade emotions, and the ability to walk without leg prosthetics. Even still, there’s something more precious she lost that day…

She makes use of Project Bunny, a large mysterious robot that appears behind her back, that gives her the ability to float, deflect bullets, and carry a giant cannon.

Although many, herself included, would describe her as emotionless, she has proven herself to be capable of love and affection, and would lay down her life for her allies.

She absolutely adores playing video games, as well as hugging HOMU plushies.

Murata Himeko

Some would say the age of heroes has long since passed. Those people haven’t met Murata Himeko. Captain of the Hyperion, A Rank Valkyrie, and all around badass, Major Himeko is the strong and dedicated teacher of the St Freya Valkyries. With strength, determination, and a very, very big sword, Himeko slices her way through her opposition and protects her girls, in the name of all that is beautiful in the world.

She’s also a massively irresponsible deadbeat drunk who can’t keep a date. But hey, even heroes aren’t perfect.

Theresa Apocalypse

Principal Theresa Apocalypse runs St Freya Academy. Theresa is said to be one of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. Yet the title of S Rank Valkyrie is something she has declined.

She looks like a child, but she has witnessed decades of change and turmoil. Best not make any remarks about her age. It’s a sore point for her.

With her trusty weapon, the Oath of Judah, she has seen her fair share of battles. But now, her main goal is to raise and protect the girls at St Freya, and to prevent the repetition of all the tragedies she has witnessed.

And tragedies she has witnessed. Despite her kind heart and small stature, harsh decisions always seem to find their way into her hands.

Fu Hua

Class Monitor Fu Hua may seem like a bookish girl at first glance, but that’s a very lacking assessment. A seasoned warrior with incredible technique and resolve, a Valkyrie with extreme knowledge and skill, and a holder of secrets that span millennia, Fu Hua has probably the most impressive resumĂ© of any student at St Freya.

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