ggz phase 1

Phase 1

School's Out

In the city of Nagazora, a grand saga is about to unfold.

Operation Gekkou


This guide relies on several English resources to play through the game. Operation Gekkou will be used to play through the dialogues of the game’s chapters. It’s recommended to play Operation Gekkou alongside the game itself if possible.


Game Chapters

Boot up the game and Operation Gekkou and play through the tutorial.

Thunderclouds Across the Full Moon

Game Chapters

(Note: Some of these story titles are things we added for convenience, because of how the game handles chapters.)

  • Chapter 1-3
  • Chapter S1-S2
  • Chapter 4



Game Chapters

  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter S3-S5

Yae Sakura

World Boss Story

Note: This version of the World Boss is no longer available in the game. It has been replaced with the Reborn version.

Nagazora Bunny Clash

Game Chapters​

  • Chapter 6-7

Nagazora Bunny Close

Game Chapters​

  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter S6

These chapters were merged due to otherwise odd chronology.

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This guide will be expanded as we translate more content and find more sources.