Project: Rebirth


These Youtubers have collected a bunch of unlocalised content, including character songs, music videos and trailers.

Note: max20091 also shares news about the game in the youtube community tab, and runs the subreddit and the wiki.

More Collectors may be added to this list.

Art collection was provided by manga translator Adventzx.

Project: Rebirth

A community driven project with the purpose of supporting the GGZ community.

  • Making its JP and CN game versions more accessible to English speaking players.
  • Making its story and lore more accessible to English speaking players and non-players within the GGZ community and for fans of miHoYo’s work in general.
  • Inviting more people to explore the world of GGZ through its game versions or its lore.
  • Supporting relevant community projects that work towards this purpose.

This game is no longer available to English speaking audiences, and thus community tools are needed in order to open up the experience to interested players. If you would like to help make this game more accessible to people, and you have the skills or information to help out, please come join us on our discord to discuss the project.

If you know any groups or people already active in this endeavour, do let us know, so we can link their work here. You can join and observe or aid Project: Rebirth on the Hoyostans Discord, or chat more casually on the Next World Discord.

Community Tools

A scene viewer featuring all the dialogue scenes from GGZ in three languages. May be missing some cutscene material. Does not include audio. Website under construction.