Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.1

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 2.1: Added Content: – Added chapter 8 and chapter s6. The chapters were merged due to the odd chronology. – Added Bronya’s character art and 2014 art to the Archive – Added Honkai World Diva, version 2 to songs – Added new CG to the Archive – Miscellaneous fixesContinue reading “Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.1”

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.0

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 2.0: – Removed web browser version due to compatibility issues. (The web version is non-functional in browsers. Older versions of the app also stopped working) Added Content: – Added chapter 6 and chapter 7 – Added Bronya to the Archive – Added Angel of Sin to songs – Added new CGContinue reading “Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v2.0”

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.3

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 1.3: Added Content: – Added limited sound effects (gunshots, machine beeping and lightning) and mild visual changes to existing chapters – Overhauled music selection system – Added the songs Honkai World Diva and Savior of Light to the music collection. – Added multiple new CG to the art collectionContinue reading “Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.3”

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.2

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 1.2: Added Content: ​- New Chapters World Boss Story: Yae Sakura – Improved Display Colors of pause screens, textboxes and text have been adjusted to be easier to read properly. – Menu Overhaul The main menu and story menu have been reworked completely for better navigation. They now haveContinue reading “Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.2”

Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.1

Visit Project on Itch Patch Notes 1.1: Added Content: ​- New Chapters Chapter 5 Chapter s3, s4, s5 – Tutorial When starting the prologue, you will now encounter a brief tutorial explaining some of the novel’s mechanics, and disclaimers concerning the content of the project. – Credit Pages Pages have been added at the startContinue reading “Operation Gekkou Patch Notes v1.1”