About Hoyostans

Hoyostans is a fan community built for and by miHoYo fans.

As it stands, we have several initiatives:

  • To make miHoYo’s games more accessible to new fans through guides and translations
  • To support existing fan projects
  • To encourage and initiate new fan projects
  • To provide a central hub for the miHoYo multiverse fan to explore miHoYo’s worlds
  • To manage the HoYoDex lore wiki
  • To gather a collection of music in the Hoyostans Jukebox

If you like what you see and would like to help Hoyostans, we invite you to donate! You can also join our Discord server. You can choose to observe or to actively take part in the discussion. Besides that, there are some other ways to support the people working on the projects.

Who runs Hoyostans?

Mister Spaceman

Hi, I’m the guy who manages the website. A large portion of the Hoyostans project is done by me, including things like building the story guide, programming and translating Operation Gekkou, designing the webpages and collecting links and information regarding the games.

I am an independent multimedia artist (wow, that’s a mouthful) If I do well with my other work, I have extra time to spend on Hoyostans. If you like the website, and appreciate the effort that goes into it, I would be delighted if you chose to support me or my work. Have a great day!

Additional Credits

Tears of Themis pages are managed by Olympia.

Potato Almanac helped with setup in the early days of the website, sharing some design ideas and creating early drafts of some pages.

A thank you goes to Sary for providing consistent feedback for the Honkai Impact 3rd story guide.

And a big thanks to the wonderful people over on the Hoyostans and the Next World discords for their consistent feedback and sharing of information.