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Patch Notes 1.2:

Added Content:

​- New Chapters

World Boss Story: Yae Sakura

– Improved Display

Colors of pause screens, textboxes and text have been adjusted to be easier to read properly.

– Menu Overhaul

The main menu and story menu have been reworked completely for better navigation. They now have an adaptive background, that changes depending on the last chapter played.

– Archive System

Added a new archive system that unlocks entries through progressing the story. The archive can also be used to choose which character to feature on the main screen, what music plays, and which Art CG is used as the bookend image.

– Progression System

Chapters are now locked depending on which chapters have been read. You can use the ‘skip’ button to unlock multiple chapters and archive entries.

– Miscellaneous fixes

Some typos and code errors have been cleaned up.


​Text Changes:

Unfortunately, I forgot to keep track of minor text changes during the clean up. Most of it was minor errors and typos.

The biggest correction was this:
“The general faces defeat, but still chooses to strike first?”
“Although we just beat you, you’re still going to throw accusations at us?”

Fixed multiple instances where the translator’s note button would not disappear properly or would not appear properly.

If you experience issues of any kind, please don’t hesitate to let us know.